1/6 Barrels


Kegs that have been special ordered are usually available for pick up with in 1-2 business days.
A standard US 1/6 keg holds 5.16 gallons of beer or 2 1/2 case of beer (60 12 oz. beers).


Anchor, Christmas (seasonal)
Anchor Steam, Beer

Anchor, California Lager

Anchor, IPA
Berkshire Brewing, Coffeehouse Porter
Berkshire Brewing, Drayman’s Porter
Berkshire Brewing Gold Spike Ale
Berkshire Brewing, Hefeweizen
Berkshire Brewing, Imperial Stout
Berkshire Brewing, Lost Sailor I. P. A.
Berkshire Brewing, River Ale
Berkshire Brewing, Seasonal
Berkshire Brewing, Shabadoo Black & Tan

Berkshire Brewing, Cabin Fever
Berkshire Brewing, Czech Style Pilsner
Berkshire Brewing, Hefeweizen
Berkshire Brewing, Holidale Barley Wine
Berkshire Brewing,  Mailbock Lager
Berkshire Brewing,  Oktoberfest Lager
Berkshire Brewing,  Anniversary Ale

Berkshire Brewing, Steel Rail
Berkshire Brewing, Traditional Pale
Blue Point, Hoptical Illusion
Blue Point, Toasted Lager
Blue Point, Winter Ale (seasonal)

Blue Point, Oktoberfest Seasonal

Blue Point, Mosaic Seasonal IPA

Blue Point, Rastafar Rye

Brooklyn, Lager
Cisco, Sankaty Light
Cisco, Whale’s Tail Pale Ale
Cottrell, Olde Yankee Ale

Cottrell, Mystic Drawbridge

Cottrell, Mystic Scotch Ale 

Dogfish Head, Chateau

Dogfish Head, Pumpkin
Dogfish Head, Old School
Dogfish Head, Theobrama
Dogfish Head, Red + White
Dogfish Head, Shatea

Dogfish Head, World Wide Stout

Dogfish Head, 60-Minute Ale
Dogfish Head, 90-Minute India Pale Ale
Dogfish Head, Seasonal
Farmington River, Mahogany Ale
Flying Dog, Doggie Style Ale

Flying Dog, Snake Dog

Flying Dog, Gonzo Porter

Harpoon, White Ale
Harpoon, India Pale Ale
Harpoon, Seasonal  - Octoberfest
Harpoon, UFO Raspberry

Harpoon, Winter Warmer
JW Dundee’s, Honey Brown
Kilian’s, Irish Red
Long Trail, Ale
Long Trail, Harvest (seasonal)

Long Trail, Pumpkin Ale

LongTrail, Limbo IPA

Magic Hat, # 9

Magic Hat, Circus Boy

Magic Hat, Wilhelm Scream

Magic Hat, Single Chair
Michelob, Ultra
Mystic, Seaport Pale Ale
Newport Storm, Amber Ale
Otter Creek, Copper Ale
Otter Creek, Raspberry (seasonal)
Otter Creek, Black IPA 
Peak Organic, Local New England
Peak Organic, IPA

Peak Organic, Mohca Log
Red Hook, Extra Special Bitter
Red Hook, India Pale Ale

Red Hook, Audible Ale

Red Hook, Longhammer

Red Hook, Pumpkin Porter
Sam Adams, Cherry Wheat
Samuel Adams, Lager
Samuel Adams, Seasonal
Sea Dog, Blueberry Ale
Sea Dog, India Pale Ale
Shipyard, Old Thumper
Shock Top, Belgian White Ale
Southern Tier, Choklat (seasonal)
Southern Tier, India Pale Ale
Southern Tier, Phinn and Matt
Southern Tier, Porter
Southern Tier, Triple
Stoudt’s, Scarlet Lady
Thomas Hooker, American Pale Ale
Thomas Hooker, Blonde Ale
Thomas Hooker, Irish Red Ale
Thomas Hooker, Munich Style Golden Lager
Thomas Hooker, Seasonal
Weyerbacher, Merry Monk (seasonal)
Weyerbacher, Ouad
Widmer, Hefeweizen
Woodchuck, Hard Cider
Woodstock Inn, Pig’s Ear Brown Ale